Risk Management

We offer quantitatively managed investment products managed on behalf of institutional and individual clients.

The management of risk is key to Balondolozi’s long term success. As such Balondolozi’s Audit Committee will sit once a quarter and is chaired by Zintle Mjali, a non-executive director with experience in business and risk management. Our auditors, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, besides their annual audit will also sit in this committee as a way of providing ongoing supervision and support to Balondolozi.

Independent Compliance Services have been appointed to perform a monitoring function for mandate and regulatory compliance. Independent Compliance Services will sit in Balondolozi’s Compliance Committee which also meets once a quarter. This committee is chaired by Zintle Mjali, a non-executive with a legal background.

Our internal administration process and systems are open to independent scrutiny and are subject to continuous improvement driven audits. Fidelity Guarantee / Professional Indemnity is provided by Econorisk (Pty) Ltd.

Balondolozi Investment Services has applied for a financial services provider licence with the FSB and will be subject to FSB regulations. Balondolozi will not manage money prior to the license being granted.

For Conflict of Interest policy please contact:
Fikile Ndlovu
Chief of Operations
Tel 086 126 2270
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