Current Formative Ownership Structure

Balondolozi is 40% owned by the P Samuel Family Trust , 30% by the Balondolozi Employee Trust Fund and 30% by Royal Investment Managers.  The shareholding structure caters for all employees who will contribute to Balondolozi’s long-lasting legacy as a leading Quantitative Investment Management Firm.

The founding member, Pedro Samuel, is cognisant of the fact that staff must feel part of Balondolozi to contribute positively to its success. 30% ownership is therefore allocated for staff members through the Balondolozi.

Balondolozi is, by virtue of its founder holding a majority stake, a black-owned firm. Part of our responsibility to our community is to redress the political injustices of the past and one way we do this is to provide inspiration to young children to rise above their circumstance and be entrepreneurs and job creators of the future.


Employment Equity

Balondolozi’s employment equity policy is to employ at least 75% of its personnel from previously disadvantaged background. We actively transfer skills across the organisation and seek external development opportunities for all staff.

Our procurement policy also strives for 75% participation for previously disadvantaged organisations.