• A professional team
  • Stable and with vision
  • Promoting a culture of savings
  • Providing quantitative investment solutions
  • Happy investors

We offer quantitatively managed investment products managed on behalf of institutional and individual clients.

Our Name

The name Balondolozi was inspired by a Nguni name given to those mandated to preserve and be the authorised custodians of all things important to a particular society.

Our Promise

Service Excellence. Our name points to the calibre of investment management reputation and credibility we want to be synonymous with in the market place.

Our Philosophy

In line with our name, Balondolozi, our philosophy is to produce superior risk-adjusted investment returns and provide investment solutions customised for our clients.

Sustainable Investments at Balondolozi: CRISA

Balondolozi Investment Services strives to follow best industry practices for sustainable investing. In line with our objective, Balondolozi embraces the principles of the Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa (CRISA) and a number of policies have been implemented to ensure compliance internally. Policy documents disclosing our application of CRISA are readily available upon request.

For more information, email admin@balondololozi.co.za